Custom Automation Planning

Optimize Your Production Line from Scratch or Integrate New Equipment

Smith brings clarity to manufacturing goals and simplicity and structure to meeting them.

Taking your company to the next level means examining where you are. Get ready for a lot of questions, and help in finding the answers and opportunities along the way. Looking to increase output? Minimize man hours? Remove errors? Let’s uncover what processes or steps in manufacturing are costing you time and productivity, and how we can address them on your timeline, within your budget.

Analysis & Planning

We design and build custom automation after analyzing your plant. We identify your bottlenecks and study them in depth to design a more efficient system. We will eliminate them to increase production and profitability, all in the least amount of time possible.

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Service Every Step of the Way

Smith Machine Worx identifies challenges and opportunities, maps workflow, suggests equipment, and develops a timeline to get working at optimal efficiency.
We develop machines from concept to fabrication to installation - to meet your specific needs.
Why buy new when we can rebuild your equipment to optimal efficiency and safety?
Reduce man hours and increase safety, efficiency and output by adding automation to your line.
Reduce the effects of workplace apathy and distractions with safe and efficient robotics for highly repetitive functions.