Machine and Fabrication Shop


SMW has a design team of certified mechanical engineers. We utilize the most up to date version of Solidworks cad software, which we work best with. Solidworks allows our engineers to visualize projects, make any necessary changes before building and create drawings quickly in order to get our customers exactly what they want and need in a timely fashion.

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SMW has a full in-house machine shop located in Westover, AL, which includes CNC mills and lathes.

Our machinists pay close attention to detail and only create high quality products. If you need a component replaced, send us a drawing of what you need machined and we will provide a quote. 

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Our experienced fabricators know how to make high quality equipment and components that meet all safety and OSHA requirements. Our welders are AWS Certified and specialize in fabrication, assembly, testing of steel and aluminum.

  • Complete Fabrication and Machine Shop located in Westover, AL 
  • Shot blasting and painting facilities
  • Wire and stick welding
  • Aluminum welding
  • CNC mills and lathes
  • Plasma burn table
  • Shear and ironworker
  • AWS certified welders
  • Quality control and inspection
  • Clean shop
  • Experienced machinists, fabricators, and welders
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