In the Fab Shop

Smith Machine Worx - Trim Saw

The Custom SMW Trim Saw

Problem: Many industries, such as the pallet, lumber processing, sawmill, and door industries, find their operators wasting time ...
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Smith Machine Worx - Stacks of Wood Pallets

A Notcher Gets Up to Speed

Problem: A pallet manufacturer requires three different sized and notched boards to assemble a pallet. The original workflow ...
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Smith Machine Worx - Machining

Three Machine Centers in One

Problem: A manufacturer’s line required material to move in a sequence between three different machining centers.  Forklifts provided ...
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Smith Machine Worx - Forklift carrying stacks of wood

Double Duty = Double Trouble

Problem: A manufacturer needed to sort and grade raw materials before delivery by forklift to process. Seven forklift ...
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Smith Machine Worx - Control Panel

Update to Upgrade

Problem: A large millworks owned an older model planer that was no longer serviced by its manufacturer. The ...
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Smith Machine Worx - Automation Planning

Automation by Analysis

Smith Machine Worx designs and builds custom automation after analyzing your plant. We identify your bottlenecks and study ...
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